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Net flavour powder



Net flavour powder

Hualian net flavour powder product has excellent flexibility, at the same time, it has excellent bonding properties, the product application scope widely preferred environmental diatom ooze net flavor powder.
This product is based on vinyl acetate - ethylene copolymer (VAE) to disperse latex powder.
Is contained in the product with anticaking effect is a kind of fine mineral additives, and the production process does not use organic solvent, plasticizer, or film-forming additives.
Using modified HL5047N dry mortar has better adhesion, abrasion resistance and flexural strength and compressive strength.
Solids (DIN 53 189 99 + / - 1%)
Ash (1000 ℃ / 30 min 10 + / - 2%)
The minimum film-forming temperature 0 ℃
Density (45050 g/l)
Stable system (polyvinyl alcohol)
Particle size (400 micron)
Screen more than more than 4%
The nature of the film (opaque toughness)